Kubb - Rules & Scoring

  • Kubb Sets come with 1 King Kubb, 6 Kubb Tossing Batons, 4 Corner Stakes, 10 Kubb Blocks and a Carry Bag - everything you need to start your game of Kubb! Suitable for up to 12 players.
  • Kubb is played between two teams. Team A uses batons to try to — from behind their baseline — knock over the base kubbs on team B's side of the pitch.
  • Kubbs that are knocked over by team A are then thrown back, by team B, onto team A's half of the pitch. Team B then throws the batons at team A's kubbs, first knocking over any standing field kubbs. The kubb closest to the middle line of the field represents the throwing line for the attacking team.
  • The first team to knock over all the kubbs, and subsequently the king, wins the game. A team that accidentally knocks over the king during the game, immediately loses the game.

Where can you play Kubb?

Anywhere and everywhere!