Slamball - Rules & scoring

Slamball Rules

  • Slamball is the ultimate mix between Volleyball and 4-Square
  • Slamball is predominantly played 2v2 but the more the merrier!
  • Players are positioned at 4 points around the net
  • One player serves the ball across the net (like 4-square) to an opposing team member. The opposing team then has 3 hits to return the ball to the net (like volleyball)
  • After the serve, there are no boundaries of play. Participants are free to run, set, and spike the ball from anywhere around the net
  • Play continues until a team fails to return the ball or the ball hits a rim piece, at which point the point ends, and the other team receives 1 point

Slamball Scoring

  • Scoring in Slamball is simple. Teams can earn points off every hit (including serves) and games are usually played to 21 points
  • You can only win by two points, similar to volleyball and ping-pong
  • Deuces and point-advantages then come into play to find a winner

Points Are Scored When

  • The other team lets the ball hit the ground
  • When the ball doesn’t hit the net within three hits during a possession
  • The ball does not bounce off the net on a single bounce, this will be classified as a double hit
  • The ball hits the rim (this includes serves)
  • The player hits themselves or their teammate with the ball after it makes contact with the net 

Slamball Set-up

Step 1 – Slide the rims into the leg pieces until you have a full circle

Step 2 – Hook the net on the outside of the rim and then make your way around. Once it begins to get to tight the way you’re going, start hooking it on in the other direction. This may take some finessing. Make sure the net is hooked onto all hooks until the net is tight. Make sure the tension is balanced for best playing results

Step 3 – Pump up the balls. Be aware - the more pumped, the bouncier the ball

Where can you play Slamball?

Anywhere and everywhere! Check out our video below.